DIY Pool Dog Ramp

Looking to make an inexpensive swimming pool dog ramp?

Dog using DIY pool dog ramp made from a lawn chairKrissie, a rescued dog owned by Marie from Gibraltar, uses the DIY pool dog ramp

Well, no need to look further...

Marie from Gibraltar was kind enough to send in her great idea and photos for this ramp, based on an ordinary lawn chair

How to Make the DIY Pool Dog Ramp

Step 1: Get the Right Chair

"Basically, we started with a beach chair with a plastic perforated seat, the sort that is close to the ground, as in the photo at right."

In other words, an inexpensive, folding type lawn chair made of "aluminum covered with plastic, so it won't damage the lining of the pool."

A simple lawn or beach chair can be turned into a pool dog ramp

Step 2: Add Gripping Materials

"To this we added two strips of a white perforated plastic tile you would use to step out of a shower, the sort you can find in a DIY store. You can cut this easily with a Stanley knife. 

We held the strips in place with plastic covered wire. The first one [was placed] where the dog might get a grip when in the water, the second one to allow him to step up from the submerged part onto the top of the pool area."

Step 3: Place the Lawn Chair in the Pool

Lawn chair placed to become a dog pool ramp

"As the photos show, we turned the chair around so that the back rest is in the water and the seat is against the pool wall.

When fully open the first legs of the chair stand against the pool liner, which is unharmed because there are no sharp edges that could puncture or perforate it."

Step 4: Anchor the Chair

"We then attached a strong plastic rope to one of the carrying handles of the chair, and secured it with one or two loops to a screw.

This was driven into the grass covered wood podium where our stand up swimming pool is embedded."

Lawn chair for dog pool ramp tethered in placeLawn chair attached to the ground outside the pool

Step 5: Get The Dogs to Use the Pool Dog Ramp

"It took us two trial swims to get both dogs to realise which way to get out of the pool. The taller dog has now found the pool dog ramp is a convenient launch pad too, and goes in and out without any coaching."

Two dogs using a homemade pool dog rampAlfie using the ramp to get out of the pool as Krissie looks on

"The white strips make it a focus for them I think, as they have no difficulty in finding it and go straight for the 'ramp'. 

I hope some of your readers will find this useful, as I know how worrying it is to have a small dog near a pool when it is sometimes impossible for it to have 24/7 supervision.

Both our dogs are rescue; the white one is a girl called Krissie...she is the athlete, bet you if we taught her she would do somersaults lol! The little brown one is Alfie and he has some Sealyham in him and his legs are really short though he is quite fearless (thinks he is bigger than he is), but steep steps are just not made for him."

A Final Word on the Dog Pool Ramp

"The dog pool ramps on sale, though fantastic, are sometimes costly and above some of our budgets. This project cost us nothing, as we had the chair, the plastic tile, the string, the large headed screw and the dogs too :)." 

Thank you for this excellent project description, Marie! We are sure this will help many of visitors make their own dog pool ramps! Jo

P.S. Anyone who wants to comment on this or send in one of their own designs to help their dog get out of the pool, please use our contact form.

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