Potty training

by Pippi

We have an 8 week old Cocker Spaniel. She is so tiny we had to get her a pretty pink cat collar, which came with a bell ( hubby wanted to take it off, I talked him into leaving it on).

This turned out to be a great idea: if I'm in another room I can hear her waking up, stop whatever I'm doing, get her to follow me outside, while telling her "toilet time." Nine times out of ten she goes.

We have had very few accidents, and I know where she is all the time, happy puppy - happy me!

Pippi, we love this wonderful two-in-one idea! Keeping tabs on a puppy's activities to find opportunities for training him/her to do business outside is as gentle a method as can be found.

For any age dog, having bells on the collar is a good way to monitor where the dog is at all times - of course, some dogs have metal tags that jangle and do the same thing.


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