Princess and Kwanza

by Kwanza R.
(South Carolina)

My Dear Princess
Princess is a beautiful short-haired brindle Pit Bull mix. She usually has her ears downward and her nose sticking up. She has a white chest but is brindle on the rest of her body. She is very shy at times but loves to meet new people.

My point of view
I have had Princess since I was five years old. She was a gift from one of my dad's friends. Everyone loved her ever since he brought her in the house. Me and Princess are best friends. She guards the house every night and is very careful of her surroundings. She also cares for all of my family and protects us throughout the night.

Therefore, we all give Princess as much love as we can. I would say Princess is a very active, pretty, unique dog. Even though there are many dogs like her, I don't think you will ever meet a Pit Bull with as much love and support as Princess.

Princess is unique in her own special doggie way.
She doesn't like water being sprayed on her or cats AT ALL. She loves to have company every now and then, and is very picky of who she likes/loves. You can never sneak up on her in the fall because of the leaves, but you have a better chance in the spring.

Princess is beautiful.
Her beautiful brown eyes look orange in the sun. They go perfectly with her brindle color. She looks her best after a shower and dislikes accessories. I would match her with any doggish color there is. I love it.

Princess is loyal.
If Princess breaks her chain, she ALWAYS comes back. She wasn't even trained to do that. Princess learned to be loyal by instinct. She will stand there by your side at all costs, through thick and thin. I know she will!!!

My dog Princess isn't just an outstanding dog to me. She is one to many people who love her for the dog she is on the inside, not on the outside. My best friend for life; my dear Princess. (:

Kwanza, thank you for sharing this beautiful dog story with us. I especially like that you emphasize you love Princess for her character and behavior; that you do not judge her because she has a Pit Bull exterior. Please feel free to send us more stories about her, and I will add this to her page. Jo

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