Puppy Freezer Chews
(Can be used for older dogs too)

by Marissa
(United States)

This is best for puppies who are teething, but you can also use it for older dogs who chew a lot.

Materials - water (just running water like a faucet), wash cloth (a paper towel would work for dogs with smaller mouths, but be careful with it)
1. Take the wash cloth and get it wet
2. Twist it and squeeze the water out
3. Leaving it in a twisted form, set it in the freezer.
4. Let it freeze completely and then you may give it to your dog.
5. When the cloth gets too thawed out, put it back into the freezer.

Hint: It's easier to make more than one of these, so that when one thaws out, you can give them a fresh one.

Give the dog a special treat: before you put it in the freezer, you may put a treat in the center, roll it up, then twist it.


Editor's note: What a simply wonderful idea for teething puppies and older chewers, Marissa! Thank you for writing it up for us. Just one suggestion - rather than using paper towel which will thaw and shred quickly and might be swallowed by the dog, it would be better to cut a piece of towel, washcloth, or old jeans and use that.

Also, make sure you keep a close eye on your dog when you allow him/her to chew on cloth or anything that can turn into little pieces. Some dogs have no sense regarding what they will swallow...

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