Ralph shows us his HEART on Christmas Eve

by Sandy LaFontaine
(Poteau, Oklahoma)

Ralph with his lump

Ralph with his lump

Ralph with his lump
Ralph no heart (taken June 2014)
Ralph no heart (taken Dec 15 2015)
Ralph sporting his heart (12/24/2015)

My dog, my furbaby, my best friend is Ralph. I've had him since he was 6 weeks old. He will be 12 years on Jan 28,2016. In early December 2015 I took Ralph to the vet because I thought he had a bad tooth because his blood tests showed infection. Well after antibiotics didn't work, we took him in and they found a tumor in his throat. Worst day of all of our lives. He was put on Prednisone and we were told let's hope for the best because surgery was way out of our means and due to his age it would be risky.

So on Christmas Eve we decided to take pictures with our boy in front of the Christmas tree. My Son gave us the SD card. We went home & brought the pictures up on our computer and we looked through them; some we liked, some were so so. As we were going through them for like the 5th time I said to my husband... Hold up...check it out, Ralph has a heart on his forehead! Sure enough there was a heart showing through plain as day. In the 12 years we have had him we have NEVER seen it before. We got out older pics....no heart...called the kids...they had no clue what I was talking about. And ever since that night it has NOT shown back up. Today, as I write this story it is Jan. 10, 2016 Ralph is still with us but the lump has doubled in size and our vet says he doesn't have much longer. I will be devastated to have to put him down because he is perfectly healthy other than that darn lump & he has been my rock, my bestest friend ever!

Ralph showed us his heart that night as a sign, he was letting us know that he loves us and that it's going to be OK. I truly believe it was a sign. A sign of love trust and honor between a dog and his human. Thank you for letting me share my incredible story. He continues to amaze us! God Bless you Ralph!

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