Revamped Dog Ball!

by Emily

Materials Needed

Materials Needed

Materials Needed
Spread the fabric strips
Finished product!

- 5 inch by 20 inch cut up fabric
- An old tennis or similarly sized ball
- Scissors

Material notes: Use a durable and flexible fabric. Old T-shirts work alright, but they don't last that long. I used a table cloth. As for the ball, it should be the size of a tennis ball. Pictured in this tutorial is a chuckit ball, one my dogs never touched it until now. If you want to use a larger ball, you may need to experiment with the length.

This is the simplest idea ever. Literally only three materials to make it! This usually takes about less than five minutes to make, and the result is a fresh new take on the fetch toy, the tennis ball. Hope your dog likes it!

Step 1: Cut the fabric into one inch wide strips.
Step 2: Tie a knot near the top, leaving a couple inches of fabric hanging off.
Step 3: Spread out the long strips (see image) and place the ball on top of a couple of them, near the knot at the top.
Step 4: Bring up the strips, trying to get them as evenly spaced as possible around the whole ball.
Step 5: When you are satisfied with the strips around the ball, tie a knot close to the end of the ball that isn't yet knotted.
Step 6: To finish it up, cut off excess off strips from the ends and pull both ends at the same time to tighten the knots up.

Emily, thanks for this innovative idea and the photos! I decided to make one following your instructions and found it to be super easy and fast to make!!

Comet would have been very attracted to a ball like this since it bounces in a funny way and has little fluttery ends. Once he caught it he would have enjoyed giving it a good chew as well.

You could also make this a type of chuckit with longer ends on one side of the ball that you can grab and whirl to give it momentum for throwing (that is if you don't mind dog slime).

Also, instead of using fabric, you could try using webbing straps to make it really tough if your dog is a big time chewer.


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by: John

It was deligthful to read this post and I got many useful points through this post. Please keep posting such kind of posts.

Great Idea Creative Kudos
by: Angela

LOVE IT I am going to make my new rescue pup her own toy. My big German Shepard doesn't like sharing hers with the little 20 pound mix breed we just adopted so I'll make her her own!!! Thanks

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