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Nov 29, 2008
your new love
by: Viki

It must have been hard to lose your dog of 11 years -- I lost mine of 14 years when I was 16. Teen years are hard enough!

Enjoy Rocket for being what he is, and don't try to compare him with your other dog. Even another Labrador wouldn't be able to take the place of your first dog!

I recently trained a Jack Russell Terrier to be a service dog. She was VERY smart, like Rocket, and amazingly quiet for a JRT. She DID love bubbles though -- she could jump pretty high for one too. You may want to get some and try them with Rocket, but wait until he is a bit older for really high jumps so as to not hurt his growing legs.

If you have taught him to "shake" you should try to teach him to wave -- it is the same movement except you turn him so that he isn't facing you, and when you put your hand out tell him to wave...and just before his paw touches your hand move your hand and reward him for waving. It won't confuse him -- and soon he will know the difference in shaking and waving. People get really impressed!

Have fun with your new pup and make memories with him...and don't worry your old pup doesn't mind at all! You will feel its spirit in your heart for your whole life!

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