Sam's "Cool" Kennel

by John K. Dunn
(Fresno, Ca.)

Gets pretty darn hot in Fresno. Wanted a kennel to keep my doggies, Shepherd/Lab and a Queensland, cool and comfortable. Couldn't afford to pay to have it built, so I went for it on my own.

Excavated one side of the yard (all hard pan) down six inches; breaker bar to shovel to wheelbarrow. Around the house through the backyard, shovel to truckbed and shovel out again. Six truck loads of dirt and rocks.

Was already a drain installed there by the builder of my house that runs under the front yard out to the street.

Staked down chicken wire over the entire area(to prevent dogs from digging). Using all pressure-treated lumber, cemented posts in, built five separate, removable, double-shade cloth panels and front fence section with chain-link gate. Trucked, wheelbarrowed and shoveled in 6,000 lbs of pea gravel ('bout five inches thick).

Mounted an outdoor, sealed, high-velocity, three-speed fan (found it at Tractor Supply) on a swivel in the front corner blowing down the full length of the enclosure. (Note: Fan blows across to 18 inch gap on right side from wall for venting).

Lined the top edge of the whole thing, all the way around with misting lines (from Costco) and put Sam's pool in. Put the misters on a timer. Keeps the pea-gravel wet and the enclosure cool all the time. Worked my ever-lovin' butt off on this and the dogs LOVE it! Now when it's 100 plus degrees out (we get that here for 3-4 months a year), my dogs don't suffer in it. This project has been unbelievably rewarding. It's a good feeling, knowing I have done everything in my power for my loyal companions. They deserve no less.

I invite and welcome any and all correspondence to this posting. John K. Dunn. Fresno, Ca. 559-351-4078 or e-mail @

If you think this kennel is cool, check out the pet travel enclosure I made for my new Ford truck! Can be seen on my Facebook. Also check out one I made for a friend who breeds Dobies; this same website under the title of "SAM'S TRUCK BED CAGE"......or something like that. (Forget exactly how I titled it). To see my cage and all of my projects, my Facebook page is "wide-open".

I believe there is a difference between being a dog owner and a dog lover. Makes me feel good thinking I might have shed some light on the contrast.

Wow, John, that is indeed showing love and care for your dogs - thank you for the very detailed description on how you created this kennel and the excellent photos! This ought to help many people who have dogs outdoors in areas of excessive dry heat. By the way, do you have an idea of the costs for this project? I am estimating $400 to $600... Jo

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Excellent idea
by: Saleena

This kennel is really amazing. I appreciate the efforts that you took to build this kennel. It is true that if we decide to give contract to build a kennel like this it will be costlier and may not have such quality.

what's your Facebook page?
by: Anonymous

Great dog crates and houses, on this and a couple of other sites. But you keep sending people to your Facebook page and never cite the Facebook address. There are plenty of people named John K Dunn, but I can't find your page. Thanks!

Hi there,
Wasn't aware I was sending people to my Facebook page - maybe something my web hosting company has added in - I'll look into it - thank you!

Oh My Gosh
by: Lisa

This is beautiful. Fine job you did there.

love it!

NICE!! If I get a place with a yard again.I will be coming back for a visit to this page.

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