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Sep 28, 2017

by: Jo

Anonymous, you would need to try and contact the gentleman through the information provided on this page. Please note that this is the most current information we have.

FYI, Make & Build Dog Stuff does not sell ready made or custom made items. We are interested in providing you with the know how to make things yourself, so that you build on your skills. We have learned to make many things through trial and error...

Sep 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

How much do you sell the back of the truck cage for?

May 30, 2015
Very cool idea
by: Bill Busch

I'd love to have one of those...I am not an iron worker, and don't have an overflow of cash, but I can see how this is a great way to transport your pet, as long as the weather is acceptable.

Here in FL, I would add a white thin plastic or super tight weave of very light covered material to cover the top, to act as an "umbrella" to shield from sun and rain. Also, I would figure out a way to keep a cool water supply available for the animal.

Finally, I would add some way for the animal to retreat and feel safe and comfortable, as not all dogs like every driving situation.

Just thoughts regarding a super cool idea and product.

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