Sewing Patterns for Dog Beds:
Page Two - Steps 5 through 8

Get your instructions for sewing patterns for dog beds here!

Sewing Patterns for Dog Beds - First 4 Steps

Steps 1 through 4 (see Free Instructions) show you how to take any design you like on a single sheet of paper and turn it into a pattern large enough for your dog's bed.

In Steps 5 through 8 below you'll learn how to transfer your pattern to the fabric and continue with completing the dog bed.

Step 5: The Top and Bottom

For a visual idea of the parts to be assembled and sewn together, go to
Dog Bed Patterns: The Parts.

  • Make sure the fabric has been blocked (i.e., that the grain is square) by pulling on the corners (line them up along the edge of a table if you’re not sure).
  • Cut out your large paper pattern.
  • Pin the pattern to the fabric. If the fabric can be folded and still be big enough, pin the pattern to both layers, making sure there are no wrinkles in the layer you can’t see. Use a lot of pins for best results.
  • Carefully cut out the fabric.

Step 6: The Connecting Strip

  • Measure how long your connecting strip needs to be. This will be the circumference for the round and oval patterns, and the perimeter for other figures.
  • If you don’t want to calculate these, simply follow your full size pattern all the way around the edges.
  • If you don't have a piece of fabric long enough, sew two or more strips together.
  • The strip needs to be wide enough so the dog bed can be as thick (or as high) as you want it to be.

Step 7: Pinning & Sewing Things Together

  • Pin the top pattern piece to the top edge of your connecting strip, wrong sides together.
  • Sew a seam about .5 inches (1 cm) from the edge. Check to make sure everything stayed unwrinkled.
  • Now sew a second seam just above the first.
  • On the wrong side of your bottom piece, mark the section where you will be adding a zipper, buttons or Velcro. Make sure this section will be big enough for you to insert your stuffing materials.
  • Pin and sew the bottom pattern piece to the bottom edge of the connecting strip, wrong sides together, again making two seams. Be sure to leave the fastening section unsewn.
  • Add your fastener(s).

Step 8: Finishing the Bed

  • Turn the dog bed outside in and stuff it.
  • Close with the fastener.
  • If you're making a waterproof dog bed, use a bead of adhesive sealant all along the seams where urine may leak.
  • If desired, glue a strip of matching waterproof material over the seam to hide the caulking, making sure there are no loose edges for the dog to chew or pull on.

Congratulations – you’ve followed all the instructions for sewing patterns for dog beds. Now it’s time to see how your dog likes the bed!

Tip: If your dog is leery of new things, a treat or two and familiar toys from his former bed may help him get used to the bed faster. Please don't force the issue; it's unlikely to help...

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