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Saffi from Cornwall tells us about her puppy, Willow

General Dog Stories

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Rescue Dog Stories

Do you have a dog that was rescued from wherever?

We'd love to learn more about your dog's story here!

Our gorgeous GSD mix, Comet, was a rescue from the pound, while Pebble, the Chiweenie at right, was given to us at a garage sale!

As with all our dogs, they each had distinct personalities; however, both of them loved hiking in the mountains!

Service Dog Stories

1. Penny with Cooper (Photo)

2. Viki and Patches' zoo visit

Dogs that provide services for people come in all types.

They may help pick up things for someone who cannot use their arms or legs; prevent someone with balance issues from falling; calm those with mental or emotional issues; and much more.

Read about types of service dogs and/or contribute your story here

Therapy Dogs

This is a new "Share Your Dog Story" category we're working on.

We'll provide a direct link once we have the page and submission form set up!

In the meantime, simply add your therapy dog tale here.

As you may know, therapy dogs also provide a service. Among other things, they go into:

  • hospitals to help lower patient stress
  • nursing homes to help the elderly with their quality of life
  • libraries to help children with reading issues

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General Dog Stories

Other Dog Lovers and Their Dogs

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My dog took the rap for another dog attacking him. 
Ghyll is a Patterdale Terrier who is 3 yrs old. A very loving, loyal and social dog. For the past 3 yrs I have walked with his brother and two other dogs …

Ralph shows us his HEART on Christmas Eve 
My dog, my furbaby, my best friend is Ralph. I've had him since he was 6 weeks old. He will be 12 years on Jan 28,2016. In early December 2015 I took Ralph …

Karma, service dog in training 
Karma is now one year old. We chose her birthday as July 4th because two Vets estimated her age and July 4th was smack in the middle of the two estimates. …

My Four-legged Baby 
Yes, I'm one of "those" dog owners. I am her mom and she is my baby. Bella Narcissa, or Belle for short, is an eight-year-old Deer-head Chihuahua. I got …

Bailey the Westie cross 
Bailey is my 6 month old Westie cross. I got him aged nine weeks old. I wanted a dog for seven years prior but it was never the right time for one. …

My little Cookie 
Hello, my name is Iulia and I have a little Maltese named Cookie, 2 years old. It is the perfect way to come home, when there is such a lovely being waiting …

Where's My Net???? 
Okay, so I was about 11 years old, and my dad and I made a minnow net out of a tennis racket and a mesh apple/potato bag. So, me, loving to fish, went …

Past BFF- New Baby 
Well when I got my dog it was a puppy. I loved it right when I saw it. When it came home my cats were confused - like what is that thing? But they got …

Willow the Shih Tzu x Jack Russell 
She may be the cutest, funniest, craziest dog in the universe!! Willow is a Shih Tzu x Jack Russell but she doesn't look one bit like all her brothers …

Cute Black Lab Stories 
On Mother's Day we met our son, daughter in love, and the grandkids at a little country diner in Starke, Florida. Starke is a fairly small town and we …

Stories About Dog Stuff or Ideas for Making Things 
My 14 year old Lab/Shepherd used to love ridin' in the back of the pick-up, however, this made me very uneasy. So I stopped doing it. I have been …

Dog Health and Illness Stories 
I had Baxter for 15 years and he was a very good dog. In the last year he had a lot of problems. I was surfing the web and found your site and built him …

Yellow Lab Pictures and Stories 
Hi, my name is Jess, and I have a 7 month old golden labrador. He is white, with some gold on his ears and back legs. My partner and I purchased him …

Fictional Dog Stories 
This is the last part of a made-up story about Sock, the Rat Terrier: Hey sock lady here and if y'all don't remember my baby socky got lost. well yesterday …

Large Breed Dog Stories 
My dog is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and her name is Nula. She injured her shoulder so I use the ramp I built from your plans to let her out of the truck. …

Stories of Mixed Breed Large Dogs 
Years ago, a few months after my first dog died (Siberian Huskey/Chow 13yrs), I got a new puppy. I was living in a motor home and this little Alaskan Malamute/Wolf …

Small Breed Designer Dog Stories 
Casey was given to me about 2 mos after I had a knee replacement. He's a lover, and he was very attentive to me as I proceeded to heal. My breeder …

Terrier Stories 
This is a second post for me about my other dog, Charlie. He is a 3 1/2 yr old male AmStaff. This is a pic of us at the DoDD school. We were giving …

Stories of Medium Size Dog Breeds 
i have had dis dog 4 a year n a half. she is a blue nose pitbull. her name is lady. she had 11 blue nose pitbull puppies. n they r all very alive. right …

Wait what's...rescuing Amy Not rated yet
This is a story that is really about rescuing a dog...but unfortunately we could not keep her because of the other three dogs we have, mostly because of …

Princess and Kwanza Not rated yet
My Dear Princess Princess is a beautiful short-haired brindle Pit Bull mix. She usually has her ears downward and her nose sticking …

Find a Dog Share Not rated yet
I recently had a unusually wonderful experience. Due to a change of working hours I was faced with leaving my dog a bit too long alone during certain week …

Evil Magpies Tease Dog Not rated yet
Scylla hates Magpies. She is a charter member of D.ogs A.gainst M.agpies. These bold birds used to run from her when she would run out of the house …

Stories About Dogs of Unknown Breed Not rated yet
sandie is about 18 years old, and nutmeg is 1

My FAVORITE Thanksgiving dog story Not rated yet
I will give you my FAVORITE Thanksgiving memory. It was 1978, and Billy, Cris and I lived in a tiny 400 square foot duplex...that included a kitchen, …

Stories of Mini Dog Breeds Not rated yet
Missy is a toy poodle. She lives with Mookie, our cockapoo, and our pitbull - see Make your own dog clothes for a picture of my pitbull.

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