Skunk got your pet?

by Denise
(Albion - NY)

How's the water?

How's the water?

Try 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup baking soda, and a little shampoo.

This mixture breaks down the skunk oils so it can be shampooed away! We did it for our cat Tazz..who wasn't so lucky prowling one night..he actually didn't mind a bath..seen here..thinking about a swim.

Editor's note: Denise, thanks for sharing this great recipe for de-skunking a cat. Love that photo of Tazz getting ready to take a plunge into the swimming pool as well!

By the way, have you passed this recipe along to any dog owners that you know? We would love to to get comments from people who try this recipe and find that it works on dogs too... Also, if anyone has a different recipe you have used to remove the odor from a dog or a cat that has been sprayed by a skunk, feel free to submit that to this site using the form on this page.

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