Small Dog Jewelry:
 Two Easy Dog Necklaces

Dachshund with dog necklace from beads

Small dog jewelry can be created just like making jewelry for people!

The easy dog necklace at left can be a fun project for you and/or a child or group of children...

This basically consists of making two necklaces and then joining them together. I used large, round beads for my project, but you could use any types of beads you'd like for your small dog jewelry project, including seed beads and ones made from clay.

You could also substitute buttons, washers, coins with holes, or use a combination of any of the above.

Please follow safety precautions!!!

Double strand ofred, green, and white beads for an easy dog necklace

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Small Dog Jewelry - Bead Necklace


  • Dental floss, string, embroidery thread, or strong yarn ("the thread")
  • Items as described with holes large enough for the thread you will use
  • A metal hook and eye, or a round bead, or findings, or 2 paper clips for fastening
  • Newspaper or cardboard to use as a work surface
  • Masking or other kind of tape


  • A needle with a large eye, a straight pin with a small head, or a toothpick
  • Pencil and paper


Two different patterns of beads to make easy dog necklaces


  1. Put the beads in a container so they don’t roll away and get lost.
  2. Measure your dog’s neck.
  3. Write down how many inches or centimeters it is.
  4. Fasten about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of tape onto your work surface [End A].
  5. Hold End A down and flip the rest of the tape over, sticky side up.
  6. Pull out a strip of tape as long as your dog’s neck.
  7. Add 1 inch (2.5 cm). This will be End B.
  8. Cut the tape, flip End B over and tape it down.
  9. You should now have a long, sticky piece of tape fastened at each end.
  10. Decide what kind of a pattern you want to make with the beads or buttons.
  11. Paste the beads or buttons on the tape in the order you want.

Stringing the Dog Bead Necklace

  1. Cut a piece of thread 8 inches (20 cm) longer than your dog’s neck.
  2. Thread the one end [End One] through your needle.
  3. Or take a pin and push it through End One.
  4. Pick up the first bead in your pattern.
  5. Take the needle or pin and send it and the thread through the hole.
  6. Push the bead down the thread to 4 inches (10 cm) from the other end [End Two].
  7. Curl End Two onto the bead and use a piece of tape to hold it there.
  8. Now go back to End One and start threading the other beads.
  9. If you like, you can make a big knot between each bead or between every two or three beads but remember this will take more thread.
  10. Keep going till all the beads are threaded.
  11. You should have about 4 inches (10 cm) of thread left.

Finishing the Dog Bead Necklace

If you’re using a metal hook and eye:

1. Take End One of your thread through the hole of the eye twice, then pull it through the loop you made to form a knot
2. Pull tight and do Step 1 a bunch of times, then cut your thread
3. Untape End Two from the end bead and thread it on the needle or pin
4. Take End Two through the hole of the hook twice then pull it through the loop you made to form a knot
5. Pull tight and repeat Step 4 until you feel it’s enough
6. Cut your thread

If you’re using paper clips:

1. Take your thread through one end of Paper Clip One twice, then pull it through the loop you made to form a knot
2. Pull tight and do Step 1 a bunch of times, then cut your thread
3. Take the other end of your thread through Paper Clip Two twice and pull it through the loop to make a knot
4. Pull tight and repeat Step 3 a few times, then cut your thread

Now for the fun part - go and try it out on your dog! However, be sure to read the section below first for important warnings.

Small Dog Jewelry - Button Necklace

Dog necklace made from buttons glued to ribbon

To make this button necklace, simply get a piece of ribbon and glue on a variety of buttons.

You can tie the ribbons to paper clips to fasten, or just tie a bow.

Safety Precautions


  •  Your dog should only wear the necklace when there are people close by to supervise. If your dog or another dog chews on the buttons and swallows them, it could cause harm through choking or intestinal blockage.
  • Do NOT use the necklace as a collar - if you tie a leash to it, it will most likely break and your dog may run away and get hurt.

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