Smaller, lighter treadmill?

by Laura


I would love to have plans for a smaller, lighter, and a little narrower version for my 2 active toy dogs only (especially the younger one). The plan is to station it in front of the TV stand while I'm at work w/ the TV playing one of the more active dog DVDs, so the dogs would feel as though they were chasing things on the screen when the mood strikes. The sides would only need to be about 12" high and no handlebar would be required. It could possibly be stored under a bed when not in use.

To be truthful, I don't have a shop or experience, so I was planning on hiring my regular handyman to build it. That's the reason I'm unable to modify the plans myself.


Hi Laura,
I just sent you a response via e-mail. At this time, we do not have plans for a smaller design but we can give you/your handyman directions to modify the plans we do have. You will need to purchase them first, however.

All the best,

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