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A bit dangerous...
by: Anonymous

When I read Concerned Mom's warning, it kind of made me hesitate to do this toy. After ripping the sock apart, the dog would be able to eat the sponge. Sponge absorbs water,so the dog won't be able to drink water. It's a bit dangerous...

My thoughts :)
by: Jessica

Concerned Mom, you got it all wrong. From what is said in the article, you can tell that she means you put the sponge into the sock, tie a knot, and leave it like that. That way, the dog can't eat the sponge. Also, most dogs that get their paws on toilet paper rolls, tissues, etc do not actually eat it, they merely chew it up. Why wouldn't it be the same for a sponge? And I do see your point of view, but it is not dangerous, as long as the sock is durable. A tip: Replace the sock/replace the whole toy if their is damage at all, so you can prevent the dog getting at the sponge anyway (even though they will only rip it up).

Awesome idea Liz! I am definitely going to make one for my Jack Russell , but I think I will keep my young Australian Cattle Dog pup away from it, as she has stronger jaws and may destroy it easily :)

by: Concerned Mom

I know this sounds like a good idea, however, the use of a "sponge" is NOT appropriate for any animal. If they happen to swallow a piece of the sponge and then get it stuck in their throat, they may drink to try to wash it down, then the sponge can expand and block them from being able to breathe.

I realize this is an old post, but anyone reading this now, please do not make this toy for your dog!

spongey toy question
by: Anonymous

wait- did I miss the part where you explain how to make it? Do you just stuff the sponge in the toe of the sock and then tie a knot to keep it in?

little thing
by: Anonymous

Would a Kitchen sponge work?

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