Steps for pup

by Elena
(San Leandro, CA, USA)

STURDY pet steps

STURDY pet steps

A friend offered my husband and I an opportunity to open our home and hearts to a puppy who had yet to be born. We were told the puppies were a Chihuahua mix and expected him to always be quite small. I knew his little legs needed help to reach us. After pricing pet steps, I knew I could make quality steps at a fraction of the retail price.

I didn't have a pattern, but I envisioned key features: Three STRONG, identical boxes, fabric to make a lined, removable cover (to launder, if necessary), strong cardboard, duct tape, contact paper, two wire clothes hangers, and a sturdy plastic bag filled with river rocks or something similar to add weight on the bottom.

I used "photo storage boxes" reinforced throughout with pieces of wire clothes hangers, cut to fit. You can glue or duct tape the wire pieces throughout the boxes.

After securing the wire, place the boxes on the cardboard in a staggered position. Trace the staggered boxes onto two pieces of cardboard to make left and right sides.

Duct tape the staggered boxes together; then cover them with large side pieces of cardboard.

Fill the top step with a light weight filling of your choice. I think I used plastic grocery bags.

The bottom and widest part of the steps is for
the large plastic bag filled with small pieces of river rock. This bag should be kept sealed with the rocks spread evenly.

Seal the bottom step with cardboard cut to size. If you prefer a smooth even surface on the steps, cover them neatly and completely with contact paper. The steps should now be somewhat waterproof. A lined, removable cover is optional.

Interesting footnote, our precious boy was not a Chihuahua after all, but he is primarily a Papillon with a little bit Chihuahua. At 15 months, he's an attractive eleven pounds and if character and personality were measurable, we'd have to add another hundred lbs.

This precious dog has turned a happy, loving home into a happier, loving home on steroids!! So blessed that he owns us!!

Jo's comments: Wow, Elena, what a creative way to make doggie steps! This is definitely an easier option than our design making them out of wood. For a smaller dog such as yours, they sound sturdy enough and should last a long time.

Also, thank you for providing a photo along with the excellent description. I will add it to our page on building dog steps along with a link to this page.

Please feel free to share other projects that you make or build for your Papillon mix - who sounds delightful, by the way!

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by: Anonymous

How how sweet. We have a chihuahua papillion mix. She is also mixed with jack Russell. Looking to make her some steps to allow her to freely go off and on our bed. Thank you for your help

Step-by-step photos please
by: Lisa

Hey love,
These would be PERFECT for my Shorkie, but it's hard to visualize how this all comes together.

I REALLY want to make it and REALLY need it because my little guy wakes me up several times a night to bring him into bed. I haven't had a good night's sleep since I got my little booger!!

Can you maybe supply us with step-by-step photos so we can see exactly how you're making this? I don't need to see how you cover the outside, just how the steps are reinforced and built.

Photo of wire part of steps
by: Jo

I'm not sure that Elena will see this or that she will be able to provide a photo of the wire on the boxes since the project has been completed.

However, she did mention that the wire was meant to strength the boxes. Therefore, it should simply be a matter of finding the weaker areas - I'm guessing the middle parts of the sides and top - and bending the wire into loops against the surface, then duct taping in place. (Do this on the inside of the box, not the part that faces outside.)

Start with one box and check to see if it makes the box stronger. If not, try a different pattern with the wire and check again. Once you feel that the box has been strengthened adequately, follow suit with the remaining boxes.

Attaching the wire pieces
by: Anonymous

A picture of the wire step would be really helpful.

My creative wife
by: Rich

I'm happy to be married to my creative wife Elena. She continues to amaze me with her ideas and ways of making them work.

Successful test of dog steps
by: Jo

Elena, thanks for letting us know how well the pup steps you built worked for both your dog and your grandson!

Strength test
by: Elena

I'm very pleased to share that the steps I made have passed the weight test with flying colors. My grandson felt the steps were for his personal use only. Being a two year old and weighing 35 pounds, I'm happy and relieved that the steps remain in perfect condition.

great idea!
by: VikiGentilman

Love the steps! Did you know the Chihuahua and Papillon is how long haired Chihuahua's came about? Lovely dogs!

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