Sam's Truck Bed Safety Cage

by John K. Dunn
(Fresno, Ca.)

My 14 year old Lab/Shepherd used to love ridin' in the back of the pick-up, however, this made me very uneasy. So I stopped doing it. I have been laid-off for almost 6 months now (union ironworker) and decided to try and make something to give Sam back his favorite activity (and keep me out of trouble) and make him happy in his old age.

I have designed this enclosure to be durable, lightweight and very user friendly. It is a "slip-fit/breakdown" design and can be removed or installed in minutes by one person. It also allows the full use of the truck bed, when no doggies are on-board. This photo was taken before the top and powdercoating were added.

If this is something that you think might be good for you and your your doggie too, feel free to call me@ 559-351-4078. Ask for John. Or e-mail me at " I just want to help folks keep their doggies safe and happy; and maybe turn my love of dogs into a business.

P.S. More photos on my facebook; John Dunn in Fresno, Ca. or on ebay under "farm equipment.

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Phone Your Dog - The Dog Calm


This venture started in December of 2010. My wife Joyce and I were on vacation in Orlando. We love animals, especially dogs. We have four that are like our children. We selected each one for therapy dogs used at The Oakwood Nursing Home located here in our home town of Bay Minette, Alabama, where Joyce was employed. We have four special dogs: Cesar, an 11 year old Poodle, Itsy Bitsy, a 9 year old Chihuahua, Duchess, a 7 year old Pomeranian, and Rose, a 4 year old Pom-a-wa-wa (akc). The best for therapy is Duchess, the Pomeranian. When they are not with us, we worry about them as some do about their children.

Anyway, we were sitting in the condo watching TV and I said, "let's call the dogs"! Joyce laughingly said, "there is no one to answer the phone". We were driving home on Highway 19 and I said to Joyce, "I am going to build a dog phone". She said, “What” and smiled saying, "Ooh-K" with doubt in her voice. I began to explain my idea and the more we talked the more excited we became envisioning the way it would be helpful to our children (dogs).

My idea was to put together a recorder/playback unit. The pet (dog) owner would record their voice as if speaking to their dog; saying things as if they were in the same room like, "It's ok baby, come here, it's all right". The owner could say anything that would be familiar to their pet, speaking softly and lovingly like the dog is used to hearing.

Our theory was tested by accident. On the way home we stopped at my daughter's home for a quick visit. While we were there my granddaughter, Aja’, told us how her mother (my daughter) Tanya had left her small Boston Terrier with her while she made a quick trip to Texas. Tanya phoned home while she was in Texas, asking how everything was going and about her little dog. Aja’ began telling how the dog would not eat, moped around, was upset and sickly and just sat in the window not moving. Tanya told Aja’ to hold the phone close to her dog's ear. She began to talk and the dog responded, and seemed happy and jubilant. This made a world of difference in the well being of this pet.

We believe that this new idea will work for all animal lovers and those who care about dogs when left alone.

The product that evolved from this venture we believe will be helpful in the calming the animals nerves as well as the owners when the loving animals must be temporarily left alone.

Harold & Joyce Buckalew

Hello Harold and Joyce, that is an interesting idea. Good luck and bless you for he;ing others with your therapy dogs! Jo

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Melanie and her vest

by Heidi
(Jax, FL)

Melanie and her ladybug vest

Melanie and her ladybug vest

Melanie and her ladybug vest
Melanie and her 4th of July outfit

Her full name is Melanie Precious One Ladybug Lokey and my girlfriend since 2004 (Viki) made me a ladybug vest since her nickname is ladybug. Her gotcha day 1 year ago is this July 23rd, and she will be 3 years old on Nov 13th.

The other pic is of her over the 4th of July in an outfit too. So enjoy. Kids at church love to see her outfits, and she loves going to church with me as my balance and mobility dog as well.

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Beat the Heat:
How to keep a dog cool

by Lisa
(Rigby, Idaho)

In our area we have dramatic changes in weather each season. I am always looking for ways to keep our dog comfortable during the times we are away for work. Fortunately, our dog loves the snow but the heat really takes a toll on her. I have bought a kids pool for her but its just a very large drinking fountain. She wont play in it.

She has an area I made for her like a sandbox that she can dig on the north side of the house and I keep it watered so she can dig a trench and lay in it (which she does).

My latest successful experiment has been to freeze several, water filled,2 liter soda bottles and create an oval by laying them on their sides, end to end, and lay a folded sheet over the top of the bottles so that she can lay in the nest created by this set up. I have even sprayed the sheet with water. We don't have an air conditioner indoors so when we get home sometimes she doesn't want to come into the hot house. I would love to hear how others are keeping their outdoor dogs cool this summer. Hope this gives others some ideas. Waiting to hear yours.

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Greg with Princess

by gman

I made doggy steps. I took 1x6 piece of pine wood and made three steps. Each step rose 5.5 inches and was 11 inches long.....(1x6 is really 3/4' x 5.5 inches).

O my god, it looks so good.

Greg, that is great! Can you tell us more about Princess (email us or just add Comments below). Do you have a photo of the steps you made to send to us? Thanks! Jo

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i need advice on my pup lou

by ms. bell lady

hey every one if yall read or even heard of ms. sock lady then good. if not then let me adress my self. im ms. bell lady. weird name i know but i got a good reason for it to. n-e-ways. about my pup lou. he's a fat dog and i need advice on how to slim him down. i dont want him to die because of his weight. i tried every thing. walking him every day, playing with him in the yard. even putting fruit and vegetables in his food. he wont eat them. i just need advice on what to do to slim him down. any thing would help. we already tried putting him on a two week chart i got out of dog fancy the mag. it didn't help. so please can someone help.

The way we slimmed FB down was to simply give him less to eat of his usual food, which was kibble at the time. We had to make sure that he could not get into any food we had in the house and was not able to scrounge any when he was off leash. He also did not get any treats - some people act as though a dog needs a treat every five minutes. That is not the case - a treat is supposed to be very occasional... Jo

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Fun things

by Anna

My dog & I have been on this web site 2 times a day---we love it!
My dog is having a birthday party and we got many ideas from this site. We also have a few ideas of what you & your dog can do!
Plan a party for your dog & invite another group of dogs that it gets along with.
Try making an obstacle course for your dog & about 3 other dogs.
If you know someone who loves dogs but doesn't have one, invite them to be judges. Have prizes afterwards.
Buy bandannas & dog clothes for your dog as well as gifts for other dogs.
And, last , but not least visit this website!

Editor's note: Anna - it's lovely to hear from a fan in Japan... You have some great ideas. Hope your dog has a fun birthday!

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