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Super Ball Swing Dog Toy

by Liz

* Any toy, old sock, etc that can be tied to a rope. (We prefer the JW Tic Tac Toe Ball and shove other toys/treats inside it.)

* 8 ft piece of rope (or longer depending on where you are able to tie it up)- Please note to look at the spacing of your dogs teeth when considering the width and type of rope. We use a small weave nylon rope which doesn't fray or feel rough to the touch.

* Pull-up bar or another heavy and/or unmovable structure to tie a "tugging" rope to (we use a pull-up bar that can be moved to any doorway).

Whether you are tying the rope to a pull-up bar like us, or tying to a kid's swing set, bed post, door knob, etc. look at clearance around the area...your dog will want to jump and swing around!

After tying the rope to its location, tie an old toy, sock, etc to the other end of the rope. Look at the distance of the toy from the floor and the height of your dog. For other cheap homemade toy ideas, check out the "homemade toys" tab on this site.

Next, be prepared for lots of laughs and a very happy dog. This is a great toy devised solely out of necessity to tire a new puppy and keep an owner sane. I think I'm going to try poking two holes in one or more tennis balls next to add to the rope.

Hello Liz,

Thank you for your detailed description and instructions! This sounds like a version of our Whipwhir, only it is stationary.

Just be sure that when you add any items to the rope, that you monitor the dog – some dogs are liable to chew through anything and then swallow the pieces... I would also suggest caution when using a door knob as there is potential for damage to the door or the knob.

When using the toy outdoors, a tree limb or a patio or gazebo doorway may also work as anchor points. You want to make sure that the item is stronger/heavier than the dog and won't move or fall on your furry friend.

Note also that dogs will often not play by themselves but are more motivated when there is a person encouraging them. It's also a great opportunity for obedience training, especially for commands such as "sit" "wait" "stay" "leave it."

Happy playing! Jo

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