The best knitted tug toy ever

by margine

a yarn snake

a yarn snake

This is the simplest knitted tug toy that I've ever made. You can make one too as long as you are willing to spend about 15 to 45 minutes knitting. My dogs love these little yarn snakes that I make them. However, they do tend to get scattered.

  • Start with your ball of yarn

  • Then finger-knit, using only two fingers

  • Make the knitting really long, about 5 to 8 feet should be good

  • Tie it off. You now have a snake

  • Then re-knit this huge strand again

  • This should get between 3 to 4 feet long
    (Nothing in this has to be exact - you can make it as long or as short as you like)

  • Now finish off the ends and voila, you have a knitted tug toy!

Dogs tend to rip these apart. If you add more strands of yarn, you will make it thicker and harder for your dog to tear up.

However, I think it is good when they tear it to shreds because as they tear it up, the yarn cleans their teeth. So don't worry if your dog gets it everywhere because they will no matter what!

Editor's note: I like how simple this dog tug toy is and that it's an original idea. Just be sure the dogs don't swallow the pieces of yarn...

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