The Maracas -
a fun dog toy!

by Viki Gentilman
(Bryceville, Florida, USA)

This homemade dog toy is also known as the Rowdy Noise Maker!

Take a soda or water bottle that has been emptied by the human and recycle it into a toy that your dog can make music with!

What you need: empty PLASTIC bottle, unpopped popcorn kernels (those that didn't pop in the bag work well) and a bit of glue.

How to assemble: put the unpopped kernels in the bottle, glue the top to the bottle and give it to the dog. Let them figure out what to do. If they are part goat like my girls, leave the paper label on so they can first shred that off. This allows them to also get used to the idea that this new toy makes noise.

WARNING!! This toy can be very annoying at times -- once the dog figures out that running with the maracas in its mouth makes a satisfying rowdy noise the games are on. Do not give this to a dog when you have a headache. grins!!

I would include a picture but it would just be a blur of white somewhat like my home is haunted by a ghost (perfect for Halloween, right?) My girl Hannah LOVES her maracas and runs up and down the hallway, around the couch and through the kitchen then back to the hallway. It is quite the sight (an 80 lb Great Pyrenees puppy) and sound (the maracas!)

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a fun dog toy!

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i have a 7 mth lab, he loves it, didnt bite through
by: jess

hi, this idea is gr8. however having no popcorn in my house, i chose to use stones from our driveway. All items that cost 0. A gr8 idea, and a gr8 toy. my lab has big teeth, but so far shows no sign what so ever of eating through the plastic.

my pup loves it!
by: Yolk Head

Thanks for that great idea! My dog is part lab and is just fine with it...she is 3/4 of lab and 1/4 nova scotia duck tolling retriever. it is so much fun to watch her play with it. and when she makes a lot of noise she drops it looks at me whines and then plays with it again!

not recommended 4 Labs...
by: Yám Erez

...I predict a Lab would chomp right in and possibly choke on the popcorn kernels. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who's tried this one on a Lab.

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