The slippery go around dog toy

by Sarah

Well I love dogs more than any other thing in the world.

My dog and i were bored so i decided to make a toy for him.

I grabbed a sock and put a layer of other socks inside it, then i put a round ball in the middle of it. I tied the socks so the ball couldnt get out, I then grabbed a strong rope and tied it around the sock. I tied the other side of the rope to a strong hook. My dog saw it and looked at it in a strange way. He was chewing it then he saw the ball. He put his paws on it but it slipped away. He tried to dig his teeth into it but it still slipped away. I have had this toy for 3 months now and he still tries to get that ball out. It is a funny thing to see.

Great toy for dogs and cats but have to watch to make sure they dont choke.

Editor's note: Sounds like fun! P.S. The best way to prevent a dog choking on a ball is to use one that is bigger than his or her throat.

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I'm into anything fun & home-made!
by: Anonymous

I just want to clarify--what do you (or your dog) do with the rope & strong hook? Do you hang it from something? Or use the rope to drag it around? I can imagine my dog LOVING the rope, just so she can use it as a shake-toy (she loves to hold things in her mouth and shake it), but I am not sure where the hook comes in.

Thanks in advance for clarifying--my dog and I are always eager to try a new toy! :^)

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