The Snowman Chew Toy

by Katherine

Hi. My name is Katherine and I'm 11 years old. My dog, Marshie, a Schnoodle, is a tough chewer. He will bite through anything; stuffed animals, beds, etc. So of course when I tried to think of something for Christmas I failed.

I finally made him a Snowman to chew on.

What you need:

4 pair of white socks (I used short socks)
3 tennis balls

How you make it:

Get a tennis ball and stuff it into a sock.
Then get another tennis ball and stuff it into another sock.
Next stuff the sock with the tennis ball into the first sock.
Now do the same thing one more time.

Now you should have a sock stuffed into a sock stuffed into a sock with tennis balls in each sock.
So then you get another sock and put it over the socks.
And lastly get another sock and put it on the bottom.

Now just draw a face on one end and throw it! My dog loves it, but make sure you have your dog on supervision when he or she plays with this.

Hi Katherine, thanks for submitting this creative and well-timed for the season chew toy idea!

I was just wondering about something, however, and that is exactly how many socks you suggested people use. I counted five socks so that means that 2 1/2 pairs of socks would be sufficient.

Most people have odd socks lying around so this would be a great time to do a roundup of all the white loners in the house. If you cannot find enough of them in your home, ask around.

Also, I appreciate you telling our visitors to always supervise a dog when they have a sock toy. Some dogs tear them apart and then swallow the pieces, which sometimes leads to choking or problems with the digestive system.

Thanks again!


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