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Mister's past
by: Viki Gentilman

If you cannot find his past through the humane society, animal care and control (the pound) or vets in the area --(be careful to NOT give a lot of details...just say large brown and black gender...) there is not much else you can do except love him and claim him as your gift from God.

The reason for giving only size (large), brown/tan if the owner isn't looking for him then there shouldn't be anyone else claiming him either.You wouldn't want him to end up with a stranger that would abuse,or sell him, or use him for fighting.

Enjoy him, love him and give him the best home he probably has ever had

By the way, all three of my service dogs wear hats!

Love this story
by: Lisa

what a great story. I would be interested in the procedure for heartworms. Since heartworm is not prevalent in my area I have no idea how it is treated. I have always assumed a dog was euthanized when they get it.
As far as his past, I have no idea how to find out. I felt the same way when we found our dog...."How could someone get rid of or not look for such a great dog!". Like you said it may have be a divine act to get this animal paired with his real soulmate.
I got a DNA test done on my dog and it helped ease some of the anxiety from the "need to know more".
I hope you are able to enjoy and love him for many years.

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