Toys for Dogs - Homemade

by Sverdlov. S

You probably have a bunch of boring old tennis balls lying around the house. At some point, your dog will tear open the ball. Well, why not put some treats in there? Whether freshly cooked chicken or beefy chopped doggy biscuits, your dog will love this! It'll keep them occupied for two hours, tops. My German Shepherd, Mishka, really enjoyed it. Even some puppy chow will do, and your dog will roll the ball around trying to get the food out!

Another great toy, easy to make, is simply take a stuffed animal, get it wet with water, dribble a bit of Vanilla Essence, and see them play! Or...
Take a stuffed toy, cut open a small hole, insert a medium squeaker found online, and sow it back up. Soak it in boiling water for 5 minutes and grease it with peanut butter.

Even the following requires little effort!
Make a hole straight through a wet tennis ball whatever way you wish. Stick a rope through it and knot the end. Usually a 9ft coil will do. Tie the rope to a tree and there will be hours of fun to come!

There, 3 simple, enjoyable toys to make, all in an expected 2 hours!

Editor's note: Sverdlov, I think you are the first person from Russia to submit ideas to this site - THANK YOU - and what lovely ideas they are. It sounds like dogs are the same the world over!!

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