Tribute to Hannah

by Vicki
(Sarasota, Florida, USA)

Billy and Hannah on the water taxi, Jacksonville, Florida

Billy and Hannah on the water taxi, Jacksonville, Florida

Billy and Hannah on the water taxi, Jacksonville, Florida
Hannah playing with Mildred, just after hip surgery...always a momma!
Hannah napping with Billy (Mildred is on the left on the couch)
oh how we miss that face!

Hannah was trained to be my second service dog, taking over for Patches. However, at 2 when she was X-rayed, we found out she had a bad hip. She would not be able to work for me as I need a dog for balance. So, I began to train her to do tasks that my husband needed. We were able to keep her in the family at least! She worked for Billy for 4 1/2 years, as his faithful service dog. In January 2014 we had to finally put her only 6 1/2 years old, due to cancer that was pressing on her heart and lungs. She fought a good fight and tried to work to the end...but we gave her a peaceful death. Last night I couldn't sleep thinking about her, so I wrote this tribute to our beautiful Great Pyrenees, Hannah Rose Pearl Flingingslime. She is much missed!

Two months ago, we knew what was coming.
We knew we had to say goodbye.

Your breathing was so hard, you could no longer enjoy life.
Your energy was so low, you couldn't go on your long walks.
You worried more about us, how we would be without you.
You wanted to hang on, for us.

Big girl, we did what we had to do.
We gave you a peaceful passing.
We stroked your thick, beautiful white hair.
We kissed you as you peacefully went to sleep.

We know you are okay.
We know you are waiting for us at the bridge.

our hearts ache so deeply for your presence.
We miss your Great Pyrenees attitude.
We miss your Great Pyrenees voice, singing to those that would dare
come into your territory – “DON'T! It is mine!”

You knew just what was needed and when.
You would appear out of nowhere to balance us.
How did you know we were even going to stand up?
You would gently push us into an upright position.
Without effort, without our knowing we were off course.
You made it so easy for us to not stumble and fall!

Your strength was our rock.
Your beautiful spirit was our safety.
You took such care of the two of us – your dad and I.

Sure you didn't “do” retrieval work...”let that Lab do it”
Okay, you didn't “do” the tug based tasks...
but Pyrs only tug on Superman's cape!
We got that!

But you did great things. You were a wonderful service dog.

You transitioned from being my partner to being your dad's...much better
than I did. You took it in stride as if you always knew you were meant to be
Daddy's girl.

You were a wonderful blessing – your name meant “Blessing from God”
and you were!

From the first day, from the first moment I held you, until that last kiss goodbye.
You will ALWAYS be, my blessing from God!
You will ALWAYS be, OUR blessing from God!

Vicki, what a beautiful tribute to your special girl - thank you for sharing it and for the photos... Jo

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loved it great poem for a great girl
by: heidi

Loved it - brought tears to my eyes. I will always remember the last time I saw her - gave her a hug goodbye and she did her slobber on my hubby's shoe. Sis a wonderful tribute for dear sweet Hannah too.
Love you two
Heidi & Miss Melanie

Very Touching
by: Lisa

Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute and I hope your pain eases.

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