Unique Dog Collar

Part 2 of Design Your Own Dog Collar

This unique dog collar design starts with Part 1, which contains  instructions to weave or braid a small dog collar out of different colored yarns.

Part 2 includes the finishing instructions for the collar, meaning adding the hardware such as the buckles and ring for the leash, and sewing one end shut.

Finishing the Loose End of the Collar

Sewing the pointed end of the braided dog collar with thread

Insert any color thread you like through a needle and pull until you have a double strand about 15 inches (40 mm) long.

  • For a square end, sew a line firmly straight across, going back over your stitching as needed, so that all the yarn strands are secured and will not come loose.
  • For a pointed end, sew the lines as shown in the above photo.
  • Cut the yarn ends about 2 inches away from your sewn line(s).
  • Weave the loose yarn ends back into your work, using a darning needle or crochet hook. Do the dark strands into the center first, then the lighter strands to make a border that matches the rest of your braid.

Finishing off the pointed end of the woven collar
The final look for the pointed end of the woven collar

Reweave if it doesn't look good on the first try or so. Carefully clip out any thread that is sticking out.

Completing the Buckle or Snap End

  • Check to see which side of the collar you want visible to the outside.
  • Remove the knot at the top of your braided piece.
  • Place the loose strands over the buckle (or snap) bar towards the back side, dividing them evenly on either side of the metal prong.
  • Weave the ends of the strands firmly into the braiding, matching up like colors.
  • Test with strong jerks to make sure the buckle will not come off. Reweave as needed.
  • When satisfied it will hold, cut off any protruding ends.

Adding the D-Ring

Top side of woven collar showing D ring and buckleD-ring and buckle showing top side of unique dog collar
Underneath side of woven collar showing attachment of D ring and buckleUnderneath side of D ring and buckle of the unique dog collar
  • Try the collar on your dog to see where to place the D-ring so it will hold the end of the collar in place. Mark it with a pin but don’t poke your dog!
  • Take it off the dog and set the D-ring onto the collar in the place you marked, with the flat part directly against the underside of the braid.
  • Use yarn pieces to sew the ring firmly onto the braid, matching color areas.
  • Weave in any loose ends and snip off parts that still stick out.
  • Test the D-ring for strength - this is where you will be attaching the leash.

Congratulations! You’ve made a unique dog collar that your furry friend should be proud to wear.

There’s just one more step to take, and that’s testing the collar thoroughly before taking your dog for a walk.

Testing the Unique Dog Collar

  1. Buckle the collar around a chair or couch leg, attaching a leash and pulling on it with force, using strong jerks.
  2. Buckle the collar on your dog, attach a leash, and try out in an enclosed yard or fenced dog park. You want the dog to do some lunging or pulling!
  3. Check the collar closely after the test to make sure nothing came undone.

To make leashes to match, using a completely different weave, see Personalized Dog Leashes.

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