Unique Personalized Dog Gift -
Dog Biography

Make a unique personalized dog gift and touch the heart of each dog lover in your life for a very low cost by making dog biographies.

All you will need are some good digital photos of the dog you are featuring, along with access to a computer and to a color printer.

If you don't have a printer at home, it's quite simple to save your file on a flash drive to take down to your local copy shop such as FedEx. You may also be able to email the file to them.

Samples of the Dogge Bio™

As shown by these samples, a variety of fonts can be used for the title and text, which can be simple or elaborate.

There are multiple options for shaping your photos too.

Per the sample at right, you can add decorative borders around the photos as well as your entire page.

An Elegantly Inexpensive Gift

My estimate is that each dog biography will cost you around four dollars (U.S.) to make, printed* and framed**.

You will need to spend some time, especially if you've never worked with columns and photo placement and shaping before, but it will be well worth it.

* Most places in the U.S., such as FedEx or Kinko's, you can print out a color sheet of paper for less than a dollar. 

** Check your local thrift store for frames - sometimes the one you like will already have a photo or picture in it that you can remove and replace with your dog biography. I usually only pay a dollar or two for a frame.

Other Unique Personalized Dog Gift Ideas

For additional dog gift ideas, look at our page on the subject. This features ways you can personalize all sorts of dog items to brighten the life of dog loving folks at gift giving time.

Some ideas include adding the dog's name to a dog bandana, sweater, leg warmers, dog bed, dog steps or ramp, or a dog house. Others are to custom make dog treat cans or gift baskets, refrigerator magnets, special collars or leashes, and more. 

Once you get the idea, your imagination will probably take off in many creative directions and you'll simply never run out of things to do! The best thing is that what you make is likely to be truly unique and meaningful to the person receiving the gift.