Unusual Dog Chew Toy:
Dinosaur Bone

by Heather

I didn't make this one but you go to certain pet shops and they have massive bones that look rather disgusting but they last soo long.

I have a Boxer-Pitbull cross and this bone has lasted a year!! It takes him like a day to rip apart most toys! It is usually only about 10 dollars.

Editor's note: Heather, thanks for this unusual dog chew toy idea. I know a lot of people have trouble finding one that lasts past a day. I have seen extra large bones in feed stores that may be from cows; do you think this type of bone is even bigger?

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Dinosaur Bone

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dinosaur bone
by: Anonymous

That's so funny that you call it a dinosaur bone...I think I know what you're talking about (I believe it IS from a cow), and I call it a Brontosaurus Bone. My dog, Banjo, is also a "power chewer" and can devour a pig's ear in a minute or less...a bully stick may take a bit longer: up to 5 minutes. However, her Brontosaurus Bone lasts for weeks! The only problem is, it's very important to supervise your power-chewers when they are working on these giant bones; Banjo actually chewed so enthusiastically once that she dislocated her jaw! Now, I only allow her to chew them when I'm right there to watch, and if she begins to get too excited about working on it, I trade it for a stuffed Kong. I've always got one of those ready to go in the freezer for just such occasions.

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