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Unusual dog toy:
Cat Fetch Toy

Some dogs get a bit tired with plain sticks for fetch. But this cat fetch toy will keep them chasing it like no tomorrow!

It's really easy, actually, unless you don't read the instructions carefully.

  • First get a square of fake fur or felt.

  • Roll it to a stick and hot glue it in place.

  • Using Oslo paper or white board paper, draw a really evil cat head, tail, and paws. I drew Garfield, our cat that my dog Crissie hates.

  • Cut the pieces and hot glue in place.

  • Next tie string-- about 3 metres long-- and tie it around the "waist" of the cat. This will make it look like you captured the evil cat.

Now for the fun part: playing with it!

I brought Crissie to the park. The first time I threw the cat fetch toy, Crissie got so mad about the cat she begged me to throw it again!

Due to these results, I'm 100% positive YOUR dog will love it too.

Editor's note: If we could convince Comet that this unusual dog toy was made from real cat fur we're sure he'd chase it all day long!

Comments for Unusual dog toy:
Cat Fetch Toy

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What is wrong with you???
by: Anonymous

You must be a cat hater or you have some neighbor cats makeing you mad. You are just giving your dog an excuse to chase after and possiably kill cats. Worse... your dog could get away from you while chaseing a cat and get hit by a car. In the mean time the cat it was chaseing was laughing.

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