Unusual dog toy: Dog Runner

by Skyler
(Hercules, California, U.S.)

You and your dog will both get exercise with this toy.

1 empty washed out milk carton with a handle
1 whatever length you want rope
5 small rocks

First, tie the rope on the handle tightly and put the small rocks inside the milk carton.
Second, grab the end of the rope and tie it so that there's a circle at the end where you slip your hand through.
Third, find a place were you and your dog can run.
Finally, hold the rope by the circle and start to run. When your dog hears the small rocks inside, he/she will start to run after it.

Editor's note: Great idea, Skyler - thanks for the clear instructions!

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by: Anonymous

This sounds fun. And it could also be incorporated with the WhipWhir for those of us too old to run! LOL

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