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Unusual dog toy:
Double bottle excitement

by Chloe

What you need:
2 empty bottles (soft drink bottles)
masking tape
beads, pasta or anything that rattles

What to do:
Fill one bottle with paper and the other with beads. Tape them together with masking tape. Wrap strong rope around the middle so that it lasts longer. That's it.

My little dog spends hours playing with it - one time she fell asleep with it in her mouth. This toy is a good way to distract your dog from chewing on furniture. And it wears them out really fast.

Editor's note: Chloe, this sounds like a great unusual dog toy, especially if it makes a dog tired! We are assuming that you line the bottles up with the tops (skinny ends) touching each other... Note that for bigger dogs we would recommend duct tape rather than masking tape as it will resist teeth better, especially if you use a few layers. Also, we would take the rope and make sure the end is twisted inside the last few wraps of rope to make sure it stays on there.

Comments for Unusual dog toy:
Double bottle excitement

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Just a tip
by: Teresa

I would use the pasta, not beads, because if it breaks you wouldn't want them to eat the beads (but pasta would be fine, or at least better than beads)

This sounds Fun!!
by: Lisa

thanks for the toy tip

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