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Unusual Dog Toy Idea: Hand Toy

It is a dog toy that is shaped like a hand and has a squeaker in the middle. These squeakers are connected to little wires that run through the fingers. When the squeaker is squeezed, the fingers grab like it's a real hand. The dog will be so interested in what it is that it won't have time to make trouble because of boredom.

Hello and thank you for submitting your idea! It is an interesting one and sound like it would be entertaining for a dog. However, it sounds like this is not an actual toy as yet but something that you may be thinking of making.

If you are thinking of creating one, remember that anything with wires in it would have to be chew-proof to be safe for a dog to play with. We don't know of any material that would be sturdy enough and flexible at the same time to mimic a hand - and you would probably need to put a fairly strong motor in it for the fingers to be able to move and grab. Also, how would the fingers be controlled to move in the way you want?

(Please feel free to add your comments below - I am not a techno wiz... Jo)

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