Unusual dog toy:

by Jessica

This is a pretty simple dog toy that you can make with an old t-shirt(any color-your dog doesn't care) and some scissors. My 12 year old daughter came up with it.

  • Start by cutting off the sleeves on the shirt but LEAVE THE SEAMS ON the main part of the shirt! Otherwise the finished project won't be as durable.

  • Now, cut off the side seams all the way starting at the top where the sleeves used to be. You should be left with a t-shirt without sleeves and two loops made of the seams.

  • Cut two strips from the shirt making them as long as possible and set aside for later.

  • Now cut as many strips as you can from the shirt(Use different sizes for a better effect!) I only used half of the shirt for my toy but if you have a bigger dog go ahead and cut more.

  • Now, lay two strips crosswise and start knotting them together. Add more and more strips until you have a giant ball of knots the size you prefer for your dog.

  • Take the two long strips that you set aside and thread them through the seam loops.

  • Knot them together all the way down but leave some extra! Using the extra, tie on the ball of knots.

Once you get the hang of it, this unusual dog toy should last a while even with tough chewers. The hardest part is getting the ball to stay on but I find that weaving the extra fabric over and under the knots before tying works well. You can throw it by the handle, play tug-of-war, or just let your dog play with it!

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good idea
by: Anonymous

this sounds really good though my dog would rip it to shreds :(

I'll help you
by: Jessica

On step two it tells you to cut off the entire side seams of the shirt. So it kind of leaves you with the sleevless shirt and two seam loops.

by: Anonymous

It was so easy to make! when i was making it my dog was pacing backforth and was looking at it. When it was finished i wove it in front of her face and she went CRAZY!!! This is a great toy!!!!

sounds fun to make
by: Anonymous

But I don't get it. I get lost on step 2.

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