Unusual dog toys:
Curtain tunnels/maze

by Jess

My puppy Bruno, a 7 month old golden lab, loves to hide, and then sneak up on us and bark.
So we made our loungeroom and kitchen into a curtain maze.

By tying some rope to our vertical blind strings and stretching it across the room, (multiple times) then hanging either towels, curtains or just old material, you can make a maze of soft walls. He loves when we run and hide behind them.

Also, when he was 1st a puppy, we made a maze through the house out of cardboard boxes:

Go down to your local supermarket, get some strong sticky tape, and tape the boxes together in any shape desired.
Remember to have quite a few exits as it can get pretty warm chasing him through these.
Also, cut small holes through out the maze, this is for air, but also to drop treats in when he is running through.

Editor's note: That's an unusual dog toy and could be fun for kids to help make and take part in!

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