Unusual dog toys:
Pull the treat out of da sock

by Maggie
(Shelbyville , Kentucky, United States)

Looking for unusual dog toys? Here is my idea:

First step: Get an old sock stuff it with anything (newspaper, cotton balls.....)

Second: Get some string and 1 dog treat. Tie the string around the treat then get a few more strings then just stuff them all in there.

Third: Have the strings out where the dog can pull them with teeth or foot, then whichever the dog pulls out is what the dog gets!!!

Sorry if this seems boring to you just seeing if it's fun to you!!!!

Editor's note: Maggie, this is probably going to be a fun fishing expedition for dogs and owners will enjoy watching - thanks for the idea! Perhaps you could tie strings around several treats that are different shapes or sizes and stuff them in the sock along with newspaper or old socks.

Visitors, you'll just want to make sure your dogs do not swallow the string, cotton balls or sock pieces so supervise them carefully with this toy.

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Pull the treat out of da sock

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Not so cool
by: Anonymous

Well, Maggie, the idea is fun, really.
But the problem there is my dog will know which has no treats because the string will be lighter.
She'll probably just move on and test the other strings.

I still love the cool toy.
Hope others love them too.


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