Unusual Dog Toys

We have some unusual dog toys to share with you!

Paddio Sticks. Throw them and watch your dog try to keep up with it's unpredictable bounces when it hits the ground!

Most of the unusual dog toys we highlight use easy-to-find materials.

Paddio sticks are one example. Basically a crooked piece of a branch, covered with strips of rags secured on the ends with duct tape. Combine three into a triangle for even more doggone fun!

Another simple but unique home made dog toy we developed that is also great for exercising your dog is known as The Whipwhir.

All you need to make one is a length of cord or rope and some rags. (You could also add a pole to the end to make it longer, which is how we originally devised it, but that's optional.)

The Human Maypole

Monte with the ball that became part of an unusual dog toy, The Human Maypole

Created by Robin from Indiana, this one is similar to the Whipwhir.

Robin writes: This toy was my way of recycling the store bought ones that didn't live up to their "super chewer" claims.

I bought my dog, Monte, a ball with a handle on it, (the kind made of heavy duty rubber.) It took Monte less than 5 minutes to chew a hole through the handle (hard to tell in the pic).

So I tied a rope to the rest of the ball's handle and covered the connection, (rope to ball handle), with another so-called 'heavy duty' toy he'd mangled.

Now, I'm the maypole and he's a happy dog - works for building upper body strength, in me! We also play tug of war with it, and it works indoors on rainy days - though no swinging round in the house!! (The neighbor's children love watching this.)

Miscellaneous Visitor Ideas

The remaining unique, easy-to-make dog toys on this page have been contributed by visitors to our site. We thank them all!

Below are a couple of innovative projects, followed by some unusual dog toys for chewing.

The Squirm Balloon Ball by Peter from Washington

You will want 4-5 old socks, some pretty small balloons, and some string.

First blow up each balloon, and then cover with a sock. Take the string and tie a knot to the open part of the socks. Trail them in front of your dog. Your dog will love them!

You might have to replace the balloons frequently, but it is pretty easy.

Baseball Tug Toys by Anonymous

I drilled a hole through two baseballs and tied them to a tree branch so that they are just too far out of reach for my dogs to bit onto. They can get them, but it is hard for them to hold on and they slip from their mouths and spin.

Another variation of this is to make a tire swing from an old tire, and from the sides hang the baseballs or another toy so your dogs can play tug of war with each other and the tree.

Unusual Dog Toys for Chewing

The Snowman Chew Toy by Katherine

Hi. My name is Katherine and I'm 11 years old. My dog, Marshie, a Schnoodle, is a tough chewer. He will bite through anything; stuffed animals, beds, etc. So of course when I tried to think of something for Christmas I failed. I finally made him a Snowman to chew on.

What you need:
5 white socks (2 short and 3 long)
3 tennis balls

How you make it:
Get a tennis ball and stuff it into a long sock.
Then get another tennis ball and stuff it into a short sock and stuff these into the first sock.
Now do the same thing one more time.

Now you should have a sock stuffed into a sock stuffed into a sock with tennis balls in each sock.
So then you get another long sock and put it over the socks.
And lastly get another long sock and put it on from the bottom to keep the whole thing together.

Now just draw a face on one end and throw it! My dog loves it, but make sure you have your dog on supervision when he or she plays with this to make sure no bits of sock are swallowed.

Puppy Freezer Chews by Marissa, U.S.

This is best for puppies who are teething, but you can also use it for older dogs who chew a lot.

Materials - water (just running water like a faucet), wash cloth (a paper towel would work for dogs with smaller mouths, but be careful with it)
1. Take the wash cloth and get it wet
2. Twist it and squeeze the water out
3. Leaving it in a twisted form, set it in the freezer.
4. Let it freeze completely and then you may give it to your dog.
5. When the cloth gets too thawed out, put it back into the freezer.

Hint: It's easier to make more than one of these, so that when one thaws out, you can give them a fresh one.

Give the dog a special treat: before you put it in the freezer, you may put a treat in the center, roll it up, then twist it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Water Bottle Socks Combo by Anonymous

I have a one and a half year old German Shepherd, and it has been a challenge to find good durable chew toys. So one day a found a website all on how to make durable sock toys. I tried to combine them all, and my dog absolutely loves it. Here is my toy:

You will need:

1 water bottle
4 old socks
duct tape

1. First, take the water bottle and cut the top off. (Make sure that the the hole you cut is big enough to push the old socks through.) 

2. Then push three old socks into the opening in the water bottle.

3. Wrap the water bottle in duct tape. 

4. Put the water bottle inside the fourth sock.

5. Tie a knot in the sock so the water bottle does not come out.

6. Wrap the tail of the sock in duct tape.