Used Dog Wheelchair Comparison

Here's our used dog wheelchair comparison with homemade ones.

Dog modeling used dog wheelchair

The main reason most people want a used one is because the cost of a brand new commercial one is high and they're hoping to save money.

At this time, Handicapped Pets appears to have the only website dedicated to selling used dog wheelchairs.

The Cost of Used

Homemade PVC wheelchair beats used on priceHomemade dog wheelchair, $60-$100

A quick look at their listings shows nothing under USD 275, which is not exactly small change, especially if you have incurred sizable vet bills already.

There'll most likely be a shipping charge added onto that, unless you happen to live close to the person posting the ad.

Some Purchasing Considerations

Another thing to note about these used dog wheelchair listings is that often, the ad says the wheelchair was barely used. This could mean one of several things:

  • The dog died, or was euthanized, not too long after the wheelchair was purchased. A survey of listings and reviews shows this happens quite frequently.
  • The dog recuperated enough with the help of the wheelchair that it was no longer needed - we seldom see this mentioned.
  • The dog did not like the wheelchair and the owner did not persist with helping the dog get comfortable with its use (as happened with an Eddie's type that a friend of ours purchased for $800).
  • The wheelchair was not returnable to the manufacturer (including the $800 one mentioned above since it was custom built), or the manufacturer offered only a partial refund, which was less than what they would be able to sell it for used.

Used Dog Wheelchair Comparison with a Homemade Dog Wheelchair

If you make an adjustable homemade dog wheelchair, you'll likely have greater control over the following:

  • cost - including the price for the plans, it will run you between USD 60 and 85 for medium two-wheelers; USD 100 to 150 for a large quad wheelchair
  • customizing  - determine your own harness and webbing colors, paint the wheelchair, etc.
  • repairs - do them yourself! No need to ship back to the manufacturer and wait
Not all homemade PVC wheelchairs work well!

An early prototype showing painted PVC and a green canvas sling. It looked good but didn't work that well...

  • sizing it for your dog - get the perfect fit
  • the types of terrain you use it on - some of the commercial wheelchairs are outdoor use only
  • if your dog no longer has use of the one you build, you can resell it. That could easily bring your net cost down to zero dollars...

Jo's Story

Although we never had a dog that needed a wheelchair, I did have a black-and-white cat, a long time ago, that became paralyzed from climbing in a woodpile. He was more like a dog in personality. He loved being around kids and actually enjoyed being picked up upside down!

My boyfriend at that time and I were flat broke, pawning stuff to pay the vet. He pressured me into having Turpin euthanized. If I'd known about cat wheelchairs, I'd have figured out how to make one somehow, but that was long before Internet days, and the vet didn't suggest it...

I suspect being pressured to put a dog to sleep happens in many households where a partner does not care for a pet as much as you do. That is why we've worked so hard to come up with plans that make a dog wheel chair more affordable...

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