Wait what's...rescuing Amy

by Chloe
(Maryland, U.S.A)

This is a story that is really about rescuing a dog...but unfortunately we could not keep her because of the other three dogs we have, mostly because of our youngest but biggest that might have a problem with other dogs.

Last summer in 2014, me, my mom and my brother were driving home from Baltimore City around 11:00 pm. When we pulled into our development, I saw a small dog walking on the sidewalk. When my mom stopped and got out of the car, the dog ran over to her. She was friendly and she looked like she was abused.

She had: a snaggle tooth that was rotten, and fleas and ticks everywhere. I'd never seen that dog before so decided to go ask some people if they had ever have seen that dog. The answer was no every time, but they always said that she might be from the house across the street. There were cars in the driveway like any other day when we passed by. All there was was a dog barking inside. I felt bad for that other dog in there if that's where she came from.

We had nowhere to put her because if it were inside then my other dogs would get aggressive to her (we did not know her name). We gave her a fairly decent bath with the cold hose to get her clean and get some of the fleas and ticks off of her. We put her in the shed with some of my dogs' past beds, blankets, etc. We also gave her some dry dog food and water.

We left her in the shed all night. When I checked on her, she was sleeping in a little, cozy nest. We played with her and tried to get more fleas and ticks off of her. When the time came, we had to take her to the animal shelter. We found out that her name is Amy and she had been brought in there three times, including us. They finally took her in to clean her up and take her to a cage. Hoping she would get adopted, we said our goodbyes to Amy.

She did not look like an Amy at all!! We were lucky that one of my mom's friends will foster her (she is the owner of the animal shelter). We were also glad that the animal shelter is a no-kill shelter. We're hoping that she'd get adopted some time to have a good home and a loving family by her side.

*I will try to write about my other three dogs and my poppy's dog that I love.

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