WANTED: Durable dog toy
for very energetic Boxer

by Emily Hortin

My three year old Boxer, Tyson is very picky about his toys. Not only is he picky, but he can tear most toys up in literally seconds, and he's not interested in toys he knows he can't destroy. I am looking for something that can withstand his jaws.

I found a toy that was intended for small children at WalMart but he loved/ destroyed it. I started my quest to have someone modify the design so that my dog can throw it up and down and back and forth all day long without it falling apart in 5 minutes.

There is a ball about the size of a tennis ball with a motor on the inside that makes funny, chicken like noises and it vibrates and shakes. The ball is covered with a putty like cover with tentacles all over it. The ball is activated by dropping ball or in Tyson's case, shaking it back and forth and across the room then running after it.

There is one final step. There is a four bar cage around the ball. The original design was composed of four plastic pillars loosely attached to two plastic platforms on the top and bottom. Before he tore it up, the cage protected the ball, and he would grab one of the bars in his mouth and shake it back and forth to activate the chicken ball. The cage only stood about four inches tall when placed flat on one of the platforms.

I think instead of plastic, a cage composed of durable rubber (Kong-like material) around the ball would work. A durable toy like this would be so wonderful. Let me know if there is anyone that could manufacture it.

It has to be REALLY strong!!!! I don't know if I could make something like this myself but please let me know if you have any ideas!! Thanks!

Editor's note: Anyone have any ideas? We think it sounds like a wonderful toy but would probably need to be made by a manufacturer like the Kong Company - Emily, if you want to contact them, here is their website address:

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for very energetic Boxer

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tennis ball fighter
by: allegra

i have a very small dog , she can also tear things apart, so i made her a toy that she has never broken but she tries to and it is entertaining for her. here is how you make it. what you need: 4 tennis balls, 5 pieces of string 4 cups. how you make one: how you make this is you attache all of the strings to the cups, attach the tennis balls to the string, and then if you want [optional] you can attach a shirt to the cup= AMAZING TOY!

That is a good idea
by: Lisa

Yes, do contact Kong. I hope they like the idea because I know my dog would love it. she is no longer hard on her toys but I remember not too long ago she went through toys like nobody's business. She,also, didn't like the indestructible toys. They just weren't fun like you said. I made a toy similar to what you described (see vibrating tennis ball) but not as good and it worked well as long as she was supervised. Your idea sounds great. I hope some company takes you up on your idea.

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