Where's My Net????

Okay, so I was about 11 years old, and my dad and I made a minnow net out of a tennis racket and a mesh apple/potato bag. So, me, loving to fish, went to the creek and caught a minnow I was proud of. And silly me, I wanted to keep it without my parents knowing it. So, I tried to keep it in the net in the creek until the next day. Well, my black and tan Coonhound, still a pup, went to the creek. I was on my front porch when Jojo, my dog, was standing there...and the net was also there..on Jojo. My mom and I had a time trying to get it off of him. Finally, we got the snips and cut them off of Jojo. Now I have no clue how he got the net over his head and arms. So much for my homemade net...Hoped you enjoyed my story!!!

Thanks - I enjoyed your story - sounds just like something a pup would get into! Jo

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