Willow the Shih Tzu x Jack Russell

by Saffi

She may be the cutest, funniest, craziest dog in the universe!! Willow is a Shih Tzu x Jack Russell but she doesn't look one bit like all her brothers and sisters- in fact she looks more like a Border Terrier than any thing!!!

Because she was born in London, we couldn't see her much as we live in Cornwall, but when my dad went down to see her when she was really young, he said she could fit in his hand!

A couple of weeks later we took her home and she was a lot bigger than she was, but still tiny! She was very friendly and settled in straight away. She looked so beautiful sleeping in her puppy cage!

Around three-and-a-half months later her fur was still very short and she had grown loads but her siblings were small and hairy. lol! We had been calling her 'the runt of the litter'! She pretty much house trained herself and always sat and barked while pawing at the door!

She had all her vaccinations and loves going for walkies - she knows where we keep the lead and whenever we open that drawer, she gallops into the kitchen wagging her tail really hard! She can walk for miles and miles which is quite surprising for her size. Being brought up on the coast we can let her run on the cliffs leadless - she's a bit of a scaredy-cat so she wouldn't go near the edge, though she occasionally has a little peer down the drop! We always keep an eye on her though!

She loves the woods and the cliffs and the fields but absolutely adores the beach! Especially the other dogs! But she is scared of the waves and it's really funny seeing her paddling in the water then sprinting off because the tiniest of waves crashed near her!

As I am writing this she is one and a half years old - still very young! She's a gorgeous but very naughty dog - always chewing things up! Nothing is indestructible when Willow is around!!!!

Saffi, what a lovely description of your dog - and thank you for the sweet photo. Be sure to look for it on our home page for the month of October!

BTW, I've read quite a bit about Cornwall but never had a chance to visit. It sounds like a fun place to live... Jo

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