My puppy ~Bruno~

by Jess

Hi, my name is Jess, and I have a 7 month old golden labrador. He is white, with some gold on his ears and back legs.

My partner and I purchased him at 8 weeks old from Ringwood Puppy Centre. I had been through some tough times, so we thought what could bring our spirits up and give life meaning again.
And there he was, snuggled into the back corner, trying to sleep whilst his 8 brothers and sisters jumped, fought and wanted attention over him.

How could I resist this little bundle of joy. Thats right, I couldnt, and didn't.

We took him home, he slept the whole way. We had already planned well for our new member's arrival. He slept the whole night in his bed on his own, with no problems.

He is now 7 months old, he is my little baby, he doesn't chew things, he was toilet trained within the 1st couple of days, he sits, and stays. I think I am blessed to have such a perfect precious poochy.

I love him so much, every morning my alarm goes off playing Katie Perry's "I kissed a girl." When he hears this he knows its walkie time; he will run flat out to the laundry and bring me back his collar and lead, way too sweet to resist walking him.

I can't bear to leave him, every day before I go to work, we share big hugs, and I put some treats in his toys.

By the time I get home, he is waiting on his bed, collar and lead in mouth; he will wait patiently, for up to an hour, then he will follow you every where, still with the lead in his mouth. It is sooooo cute.

I love him, just as much as I love my b/f (ooops) but true, i cant imagine not seeing him every morning or night, EVER.

Oh, and he is being de-sexed next Tuesday 20-01. GOOD LUCK

Editor's note: Sounds like a match that was meant to be! Hope his appt next week goes well. We'd love a picture (.jpg or .gif) if you can send one through Contact Us - we can add it to this page.

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Arrow the cheerleading yellow lab

by pes

Go Team! Go!

Go Team! Go!

Arrow is a 3 year old lab. A yellow lab. Yesterday I made a tennis ball toy for her. Arrow loves to play fetch.

She lets me dress her up and take pics. Arrow is cute and loving. We are breeding Arrow next year(2009)

We are also getting another puppy soon.

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Our Pancho April 5th 1994 - June 8th 2009

by Jeanni
(Lone Tree, Colorado)

They say "some people come into your life and leave footprints on your heart and you are never the same" .. Pancho came into our lives when he was 5 weeks old and left us on June 8 at the age of 15. He left footprints on my heart and I will never be the same.

Pancho was a Yellow Lab who did not slow down until he was around 12. I was his litter mate (according to a dog trainer). He had me trained really well. He knew what I was thinking - you could tell the way he looked at me. He was very lovable - to people, animals and children. Oh how he loved the girls!!!

He did not do "dog" things. He thought he was human. He never chased balls or retrieved a frisbee, but he loved tomatoes and garlic.

On June 8th I finally convinced myself that Pancho's time with us would no longer be. He went down hill very fast in that last week. We were taking him to the vet for the last time. I believe Pancho knew that was something I could not do to him. While my husband went into the vet to let them know we were there, Pancho was laying next to me and he picked up his head, looked at me, put his head on my lap and died. It was very peacefull and he saved me.

Pancho, I miss you so much every minute of every day. Our house is so lonely without you. I miss giving you your ensure every night, giving you the tomatoes. Most of all I miss your "dog smile". Thank you for allowing me to be your "Mom" for 15 years.

Love you always and forever, your Mommy

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